Social Network Optimization

What is S.N.O?  S.N.O. stands for Social Network Optimization.  Powered by BirdMad Media, at Table Clings we deliver unmatched organic social networking results for your business that builds, maintains and engages your audience through social channels.  We like to make wholesome connections with individuals rather than shotgun marketing.  PPC, Google Adwords, these are great and should be used as part of your business model but what do you do with those individuals that are already in your cirlcle of friends and how do you attract more without always boosting your efforts and paying extra?  Here at Table Clings, we get people talking about your business.  Our social networking techniques optimize your social channels by maximizing your content, increasing your brand, excelling your engagement and expanding your reach.  By intelligently utilizing what each social platform already provides in combination with our own networking methods we are able to keep those already in your auidence engaged as well as reach even more people through that audience.  Can't always get to your social media?  That's ok, we also fill in the gaps with valuable content that is posted daily and related to your industry.  It's great to be writing in the sky but if no ones looking and no ones paying attention... no ones buying!   


How it works:

Once your order is placed one of our Social Networking Specialists will contact you within 3 days of your order date.  At that time we will take care in getting to know you, your business and begin setting up your custom social networking campaign.  Service can be stopped at any time, a 30 Day notice in advance is all that we need.




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